About us

The Bassan Real Estate Firm has been operating in the market in the province of Varese for over 30 years. The knowledge of the market, the experience, the excellent sales strategies and the skills acquired over time, allow us to sell your property at the best market price in the shortest possible time.

It is worth taking a look at these tips They will help you choose the right professional and not make some mistakes:

the surcharge

Every owner wants to make the most of the sale of the house. If from the beginning the house is offered for sale at an excessive price, the following results will be obtained:

1) There will be continuous price reductions to make the property price attractive.

2) The sales times will be longer.

3) The final profit will decrease: the house will in fact be sold at a lower price than what it would have been bought if the house had been priced correctly right away.


Confusing expertise with market value

Some categories of professionals not licensed for real estate brokerage and not accustomed to valuing prices, attribute to the properties estimated values ​​higher than the market value, deceiving the sellers. Selling a house at a price 20 or 30% lower than that resulting from the "appraisal", but at a price that respects the "real" competition and the history of sales, is not a defeat, but the market base from which to start to sell


Opening the doors to time wasters

Not distinguishing buyers from visitors means risking opening the doors to onlookers who are not motivated to buy, to those interested in seeing what's "around" but not making an offer and to people whose financial resources are unknown. nor the ability to access a mortgage. Non-pre-qualified (or evaluated) visitors or buyers are people who enter your home and cannot afford to purchase your property. They are time wasters ...


Neglecting the legal aspects

Real estate contracts are legally binding documents, often difficult to understand by non-experts. Not being aware of the terms of a contract, not detecting discrepancies, anomalies, legal defects, constraints could be very expensive.


Limited marketing

To sell a home, you need to master active marketing techniques and handle phone calls and inquiries from each potential buyer. Most calls come during working hours, a time when you are not always available. How much is your time worth? Can you afford to waste time with onlookers, unfunded people or profiteers?

Choosing the wrong agent

Selling your home could be the most important financial transaction in your life. For this it is crucial to choose a professional real estate agent.

Ask specific questions, ask what the operational plan is and what the agent will do to sell the house. It is not enough to post a couple of online ads or an advertisement in the local newspaper to be considered a real estate professional.


Do not entrust exclusivity

Entrusting generic sales to multiple agencies gives the illusion of having more opportunities. For other real estate agents, non-exclusive homes are opportunities to work with buyers not as a business opportunity for owners. If no agency has the exclusive right to sell, each will have margins to make its price by deceiving the owner and confusing buyers.

The exclusivity is the tool thanks to which you have a single point of contact towards the rest of the world: the market, the buyers and all the other agents.