1. I saw a house I like, can I buy it? Can I afford it financially?

At no cost and completely free, we tell you how much mortgage you can have and all the expenses you will have to incur to buy your home


2. I have to sell my house and buy another one to move to, how should I proceed?

If the purchase of your new home is linked to the sale of the one you live in now, it is essential to first talk about the SALE of your


3. I have already sold my house / I already have the approval of my bank for the mortgage

Make an appointment with us to understand what your dream home should be like and we will help you find it


4. Why do you have to contact us?

Because we will ask you many questions to understand how we can help you

Before our meeting, we will send you a pre-meeting package in which you will find a real personalized plan just for you

The buyers we bring to your home will only be HIGHLY QUALIFIED PEOPLE, what does that mean? They will already have the approval for obtaining the loan and will already know what they are coming to see

The advantage for you that you have to sell is not to receive visits from onlookers

The advantage for you that you have to buy is that you have a clear idea of ​​what you are going to see and how much you can spend